Introducing the pick up, wash, dry, fold, and deliver laundry service! Say goodbye to the hassle of doing laundry, and hello to the freedom of having someone else do it for you.

Laundry day is the ultimate test of patience, but fear not! We’re here to make things easier with our pick up laundry service.

Step 0: Gather

Simply toss your dirty clothes in a bag or your favorite laundry basket (no judgment on the basket, we promise), and leave the rest to us.

Now, we know you’re probably wondering about the whole weighing and payment situation. Well, we’ve got options. You can weigh your laundry and then pay virtually at the shop.

How do you weigh your laundry without a proper laundry scale? Fear not, dear customer, we’ve got you covered with a foolproof method. First, step on your scale without any laundry in your arms and record your weight. Easy enough, right?

Now, here comes the tricky part. Gather up all your dirty clothes, towels, and linens, and step back onto the scale with your arms full. Don’t worry if you wobble a bit – we won’t judge your balance skills. Once you’ve got your new weight, simply subtract your original weight, and voila! You’ve got the weight of your laundry.

Now, we understand that this process may not be the most glamorous way to spend your time. So, let us do the weighing for you. We weigh your clothes after they are dry, so no extra weight. Then we will send you an invoice. We’re flexible like that.

So go ahead, relax, and let us handle your laundry. After all, life is too short to spend it doing laundry – unless you’re into that kind of thing, in which case, no judgment here either.

Step 1: Pick up

We’ll come to your doorstep and pick up your dirty laundry, no need to even leave the comfort of your own home. Just leave it in a basket and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re running out to grab a coffee or just can’t be bothered to put on pants to answer the door, we’ve got you covered. Just find a discreet spot and leave your laundry out of the elements – because let’s be honest, no one wants soggy socks. And don’t worry, we’ll respect your privacy and won’t judge your choice of hiding spot (as long as it’s not in a bush or something).

Step 2: Wash

Once we have your dirty laundry, it’s time for the fun part – washing! We’ll give your clothes a good scrub, using only the best detergents and fabric softeners. We’ll make sure to follow your specific instructions, whether you prefer a certain type of detergent or have any clothing items that require special care. We will ensure that your clothes come out looking and smelling their best.

Step 3: Dry

After a thorough washing, it’s time to dry your clothes. We use only the best dryers to ensure your clothes come out perfectly dried, without any shrinkage or over-drying.

Step 4: Fold

We know, folding clothes is a chore, but don’t worry, we’ve got this. Our expert folding techniques will ensure your clothes come out neat and wrinkle-free. Whether you prefer your shirts folded a certain way or your pants folded a different way, we’ll make sure to follow your specific instructions. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about any of the hard work – we’ll do it all for you.

Step 5: Deliver

Finally, it’s time for the cherry on top – delivery! We’ll bring your freshly washed, dried, and folded clothes right back to your doorstep. And the best part? You don’t even have to lift a finger. Our friendly and professional staff will handle everything, ensuring your clothes are properly packaged and transported back to you.

So, folks, there you have it, the pick up, wash, dry, fold, and deliver laundry service. Say goodbye to the hassle of doing laundry, and hello to the freedom of having someone else do it for you. With our pick up, wash, dry, fold, and deliver service, you’ll have more time to do the things you love, and your clothes will always look and smell their best.